Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No. 8 — 09/2014 — Fiction

AnnMarie Brennan, Lasse Kilvær

In a time where architects are offer­ing the appearance of a naturalized built environment, Melbourne, Aus­tralia is faced with an uncontrollable organism that reorganizes and re-appropriates the concrete matter of the city. The organism, nicknamed Muronoma by locals, slowly eats its way through living rooms and cubicles, leaving webbed, coral-like tunnels in its wake—spaces which provide habi­tat for a new wilderness in the heart of the city. American journalist Gabriella Canui travels to Melbourne to write a fea­ture article on the organism and its consequences on the daily lives of Melbournites, but goes missing and never delivers her piece. After her disappearance, the CIA and their local ally the Australian Security Intel­ligence Organization (ASIO) suspects Gabriella of joining the Architecture and Urbanism Bio-Terrorist Under­ground Syndicate, a.k.a. AUBTUS. As UNESCO is conducting a larger inves­tigation on the Muronoma phenom­enon, they request the CIA dossier on Gabriella Canui, including printouts of her notes and a series of transcribed interviews. The origin of Chemotaxop­olis is told through these documents.

Candide No. 8, 09/2014

Brennan / Kilvaer. Infizierte Betonplatte mit tomografischem Schnitt