Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

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Candide No. 13 — 09/2022

ISBN: 1869–6465

Andrea Alberto Dutto, Axel Sowa
Smriti Saraswat
Stone: Making and Maker
Gernot Minke
Traditional and Modern Techniques for Building Vaults and Domes from Earth
Narinderjit Kaur
Micro-Architecture in Stone: An Indo-German Dialogue
Andrea Alberto Dutto, Bernadette Heiermann
Getting Humble. Bernadette Heiermann in Conversation with Andrea Alberto Dutto.
Travel Report
Frédéric Schnee
Van Gujjar: Earthen architecture, Persistence, and the Migration of Cultural Knowledge
Travel Report
Ramona Schaefer
From Bengaluru to Auroville: Between Tradition and Innovation in Southern Indian Architecture
Travel Report
Florian Eschner
Ladakh and Spiti Valley: Earthen Buildings in the Himalayan Regions
Travel Report
Vanessa Koepper
Lyon Metropolitan Area and the Rural Hinterland: Pisé Decoré and Pisé Préfabriqué
Short Essays
Andrea Alberto Dutto, Henning Storch, Leonie Bunte
Short Essays on Earth, Clay, and Stone Architecture
Short Essay
Ting-Chun Yang
Depth in a Domestic Vista
Short Essay
Merle Yilmaz
Clay Building Standards and Shared Authorship
Short Essay
Theresa Bandmann
Le Tableau Vivant as an Educational Device
Short Essay
Suryendu Dasgupta
The Jaisalmer Stone and the Aesthetics of Stone Architecture