Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No. 6 — 10/2012 — Project

Andres Lepik, Anna Heringer
Authentic Architecture.
Or: The Bangladesh Lessons.

Andres Lepik challenges architect Anna Heringer to reflect upon the role of knowledge generation and
knowledge transfer in her work. Precisely because the architect’s social responsibility plays a critical role in Heringer’s approach to design and construction, the question is how she is able to develop, via single projects built in earth construction, models and strategies that are replicable. Heringer advocates knowledge based on practical experience, both for students in industrialized nations as well as for construction workers in developing countries. The conversation was conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the spring of 2012, where both Heringer and Lepik held a Loeb Fellowship in 2011/12.

Candide No. 6, 10/2012

Pages 117–139