Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No. 8 — 09/2014 — Encounters

Axel Sowa
Cue-Giver Hermann Czech

Mobilize the cues. They get discussions going and raise the temperature. Cues provide no hard-and-fast defini­tions. Where they turn up, there is a need for clarifica­tion. In the context of a series of events at the Faculty of Architecture RWTH-Aachen University, the Viennese architect Hermann Czech took on the role the role of “cue-giver.” Czech is one of the leading architectural the­oreticians of the age. Writing and building, he has, since the mid-nineteen-sixties, been circumnavigating architec­ture’s space of possibilities. In his Aachen lecture, Czech explained the concrete relationships of concepts and buildings in his own work. The lecture by Hermann Czech became the foundation for further invitations. In three follow-up events, Ernst Hubeli, Ullrich Schwarz, Urs Füssler, Jörg Leeser, Wilfried Kuehn, and Marcel Meili picked up on Czech’s cues in order to develop them further and trans­form them. A report.

Candide No. 8, 09/2014