Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No. 2 — 07/2010 — Encounters

Bernardo Secchi, Matteo DAmbros, Roberto Zancan
Saint George and The Dragon, or the Urban Planner as Storyteller.
In Conversation with Bernardo Secchi about "Il racconto urbanistico"

At the end of the second edition of his Storia dell’architettura italiana, Manfredo Tafuri declares that “one book assumes a crucial relevance” in finding a way out of the endemic crisis of modern architecture in the 1980s: Il racconto urbanistico. The publication of this work by the Italian urban planner  Bernardo Secchi in 1984 constitutes a unique event in recent European architecture — an event that still has not been appropriately described or analyzed. Matteo D’Ambros and Roberto Zancan met with the author to discuss the circumstances of the book’s publication. In a world of short memory, revisiting the possible contribution of literary studies to architecture and urban planning promises to shed light on the contemporary understanding of the disciplines.

Candide No. 2, 07/2010

Pages 101–132